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 Pool Parties

How to Request Lifeguards 

We provide lifeguards for pool parties if:

  • Your pool is managed by our company, &

  • Your pool allows parties.

Please review the information below & follow instructions within each TAB to reserve a time and request lifeguards for your party.

Please contact Caitlin Valeska with any questions at (770) 992-7665, Option 1.  You can also email her at

4 childrens parties


  • For a party involving children, the party host must provide 1 adult chaperone for every 10 children under age of 18.

  • For all After-Hours Pool Parties involving children 12 years old and younger, Lifeguards will conduct a Pool Party Orientation at the start of the party, before anyone is allowed in the pool. The Orientation will include a swim test to identify non-swimmers.  A child must be able to swim the width of the pool without stopping or touching the bottom to pass the test. Children who are determined to be non-swimmers must:

  1. Wear a Coast Guard Approved life jacket, which is not provided by us, or

  2. Be accompanied by an adult in the water at all times, or

  3. Stay out of the pool.


  • It will be the Party Host’s responsibility, since the Lifeguard will have to be watching the swimmers in the pool, to conduct the Pool Party Orientation for all late arriving participants and assist the Lifeguard in conducting the swim test prior to late arrivals joining the party. Party Host will also help insure that all non-swimmers are wearing a Coast Guard approved life jacket (not provided), or are accompanied by an adult in the pool, or do not go in the pool.

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